Singapore Space Challenge

Singapore Space Challenge

The Singapore Space Challenge (SSC) is a highly anticipated national space design competition that challenges student teams to leverage space technology; from satellite mapping to GPS and GNSS. We encourage innovation in engineering to conceptualise and design space-related projects to tackle real-world challenges from disasters to improving the quality of life.ย The challenge is held annually and is organised by the Singapore Space and Technology Association (SSTA).

The objectives of the Singapore Space Challenge are to:ย 

To date, over one thousand youths have participated in the SSC since its inception in 2007. Working in teams to solve problems developed closely with the industry, the students derive theoretical models, design prototypes, and create simulations of their creative solutions. Final entries are reviewed and judged by esteemed technical leaders from around the world, in their respective fields.

The Challenge

Have you ever wondered how people are able to warn the city or country about an incoming disaster and are able to respond so quickly? The Earth Observatory System plays a huge role in assisting operations. However, the EO data captured by the system can be affected by factors such as Cloud Cover, Signal interference, varying sun angles, thermal control, low re-visit frequency, moving targets and etc. In an event of a disaster, this can slow down the efficiency of rescue operations. The task is to design a new satellite system that can overcome current problems faced by EO satellites for capturing data in the equatorial region. For the full rules and specifications, download the challenge brief below:

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