Singapore Space Challenge

Singapore Space Challenge

The Singapore Space Challenge (SSC) is an annual national design competition that challenges student teams to design realistic space-related, high-technology complex projects. It is organized by the Singapore Space & Technology Association.

The objectives of the Singapore Space Challenge are to: 

  • Inspire interest among youth and encourage participation in space-related activities
  • Ignite and fuel the younger generation’s interest in STEM through SSC’s exciting and out-of-this-world projects
  • Encourage creative engineering concepts to further innovation and advancements in space and non-space environment
  • Provide a platform where students, academia and the industry can interact to discuss and align technical concerns and research areas and projects
  • Educate the public on the applications and benefits of space technology in our everyday lives


To date, over one thousand youths have participated in the SSC since its inception in 2007. Working in teams to solve problems developed closely with the industry, the students derive theoretical models, design prototypes, and create simulations of their creative solutions. Final entries are reviewed and judged by esteemed technical leaders from around the world, in their respective fields.

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