Are you an avid botanist or aspiring biologist?
Keen to know what it takes to grow plants in space?

Asian Herb in Space (AHiS)

3rd project of "Space Seeds for Asian Future" program

AHiS is an annual space educational programme created by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) in 2010 that provide youths and researchers in the Asia-Pacific region an opportunity to take part in space-related biology experiments and research.

It is one of the activities under the KIBO-ABC initiative, which aims to promote understanding and utilization of Japanese Experiment Module “KIBO” on International Space Station.

Participating students will get the exciting opportunity to be grow herbs on behalf of the astronauts on the International Space Station while researchers stand a chance to get exclusive access to space-flown herb seeds for research. 




In alignment with AHiS’ objectives, each KIBO-ABC member will plan a unique education programme for students in their country.

In 2021, Singapore Space & Technology Ltd (SSTL) will be participating as Singapore’s representative for the very first time and youths from various primary and secondary schools are invited to take part. SSTL will also distribute space-flown herb seeds to our exclusive researcher partners for research. 

AHiS 2021 Missions

Mission 1: Space Growth Experiment

Participating students will grow the Basil seeds provided by JAXA as ground control experiment for 30 days.

During the course of the programme,

  • Students will be provided an assignment sheet by SSTL to aid their learning in topics such as space in general, significance of growing plants in space, germination process of plants and tips in making their own plant chambers to grow Basil
  • Students will have to make observations, take photos and record plant growth height daily
  • Students will be tasked to plot a graph using data collected and hypothesize how plant growth will be different in microgravity conditions

Mission 1 Requirements

Mission 2: Space Travel Seeds Experiment

Herb seeds will be flown on the ISS for 30 days and distributed to SSTL’s research partners. 

  • Researchers will utilize space-flown seeds to conduct experiments 
  • Researchers will have a chance to present their scientific analysis and findings to JAXA once they have concluded their research

*Due to highly competitive cargo space on the ISS, the space-flown seeds are limited.

Mission 2 Requirements


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