As the world population increases and economies grow, climate change becomes vital in deciding the quality of life. Extreme and prolonged climatic conditions affect multiple factors such as health, work efficiency, crime, agriculture, weather, and natural disasters. The impacts of climate change snowball and add to other issues, such as global economic gaps between developed and developing countries. 

Sustainability Projects

SSTL is working closely with the World Bank and other organisations to better understand climate change in the region. Ranging from student challenges to industry studies, SSTL strives to spearhead the use of space technologies to alleviate climate change. In its most recent project, SSTL and the World Bank studied the trends in the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect in South and East Asia with the help of 4 Earth Intelligence (4EI). SSTL is also looking into agriculture, marine biodiversity and more in relevance to climate change.

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