Dr. Kerri Cahoy

Dr. Kerri Cahoy is an associate professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics at MIT and leads the MIT Space Telecommunications, Astronomy, and Radiation (STAR) Lab. She currently works on nanosatellite laser communication systems and weather sensors. She also works on space telescope missions to directly image exoplanets, and is developing a 6U CubeSat to test MEMS deformable mirror technology for high contrast coronagraph wavefront control systems. Her group also works on understanding the relationship between space weather and spacecraft anomalies, and does radiation testing of commercial CubeSat components. Previously, Dr. Cahoy worked on spacecraft radio systems for space weather and planetary atmospheric sensing, nanosatellites. She worked on the MIT Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory lunar mission team at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. She has used spacecraft radio systems to study the atmospheres and ionospheres of solar system planets.

Academic Degrees

2008, Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, Stanford University; 2002, M.S. Electrical Engineering, Stanford University; 2000, B.S. Electrical Engineering, Cornell University

Honors and Awards

Cornell University Co-op Mentor of the Year Award at Space Systems Loral, 2008 Winifred Hill Boyd Scholarship, Kappa Delta, 2006 Stanford University GSPB Award for Graduate Community Service, 2003 Cornell University William S. Einwechter Award in Electrical Engineering, 2000

Society Memberships

American Geophysical Union, American Astronomical Society, National Society for Optics and Photonics

Positions Held at MIT

Assistant Professor, Aeronautics and Astronautics, July 2011 — Present; Research Staff, Earth and Planetary Sciences and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, June 2010 — July 2011

Positions Held outside MIT

NASA Postdoctoral Program Fellow, NASA Ames Research Center, Exoplanets, October 2008 – June 2010; Senior RF Payload Engineer and Communications Scientist, Space Systems Loral, August 2006 – October 2008; NASA Educational Associate, January 2006 – August 2006; NASA Ames Research Center, Intelligent Robotics Group, Graduate Student Researcher; Stanford University Electrical Engineering, June 2002 – January 2006

Specialization and Research Interests

Wavefront control systems for exoplanet exploration and free-space, laser communication, Spacecraft radio systems for space weather and planetary atmospheric sensing, nanosatellites (CubeSats)

Teaching Interests

Spacecraft engineering, optical and radio remote sensing