Tom James is CIO & CEO and a co-founder of the Trade Flow Funds the innovative digitised trade finance solution for bulk physical commodity transactions being shipped or stored around the world. He is a published in the field of deep space commodities, investment, trading and hedging in physical and financial derivatives for Commodity markets. Tom is a serial Commodity Fin Tech entrepreneur after creating his first FinTech startup in 2000, with a history of combining technology with best practice in order to create innovative industry services & solutions for the Commodity Industry and the new Space Economy. He is the editor and author of “DEEP SPACE COMMODITIES” 2018 by Palgrave Macmillan which offered up practical guidance, debate and insight for corporate managers and investors around the development of the new space economy and how rare commodities on other planets could fuel a new industrial revolution. He has over 30 yrs of commercial exposure gained through a broad range of senior executive roles and he is called upon by governments & multinationals for advice & insight on market developments. In 2014 he was called upon to serve as a Senior Energy Advisor to the United States Department of Defense (TFBSO) and he currently sits on the “Financing Advisory Resources” panel for Enterprise Singapore, the trade development body of the Singapore Government. He is a keen published writer, music producer, and astronomer