Quentin Mannes has received the M.Sc. in electromechanical and control engineering from ECAM Engineering School (Belgium) and later the joint M.Sc. in Space Robotics and Automation and Space Science and Technology from Aalto University (Finland) and Luleå University of Technology (Sweden). 

In 2017 he started a graduate program in the Power Management department of the European Space Agency where he contributed to the development of digitally controlled regulators and control algorithms for solar array power conditioning. He joined AAC Clyde Space in 2018 as a Smallsat Subsystem Electronics Engineer where he has been involved in the complete product development cycle of power conditioning and distribution units. During his time at AAC Clyde Space, he has authored the company’s first online maximum power point tracker and acted as technical lead in the development of the company’s flagship high power lunar lander PCDU. 

He is currently Power Product Lead at Bradford Space Deep Space Industries where he coordinates the development of power subsystems for deep space applications. Over his career, he has accumulated significant experience in the field of satellite power subsystems both as researcher, working on cutting-edge research at ESA, and as commercial designer, authoring several designs that have been successfully flown.