Tim Linn is currently the Lockheed Martin Space – Deep Space Exploration (DSE) Advanced Programs Sr. Mgr., within the Commercial Civil Space Line-of-business (which entails working with a team of mission and spacecraft architects, along with subject matter experts across systems and subsystems engineering to develop mission and spacecraft architectures to support the next generation of planetary science missions).  
Prior to his current role, he was the Deputy Program Manager and Entry, Descent and Landing Manager for the InSight Mars Lander program, and before that, the GNC Design, Analysis and Integration Sr. Mgr. within the functional/central organization (helping drive the GN&C products and technologies).  Tim was the Chief Systems Engineering (CSE) on the OSIRIS-REx program (asteroid sample return mission), an exciting Origins mission to the asteroid Bennu.  
Tim graduated with his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Colorado in Aerospace Engineering.