The Singapore Space Challenge (SSC) The Singapore Space Challenge is an annual technical design competition held for youths from 15 – 25 years old. It challenges youths to design complex space-related and advanced- technology projects that are largely graded on creative engineering. SSC captures the imagination of the youth and directs their creative enthusiasm towards developing innovative science and engineering solutions across many fields.The challenge is held annually and is organised by the Singapore Space and Technology Association.

The objectives of the Singapore Space Challenge are to:

Through this interesting and engaging platform, it can engage and encourage more students to consider furthering their studies in the areas of STEM. Over the recent years, the Singapore Space Challenge has grown in prominence and ability to attract the best brains in Singapore to participate.Working in teams to solve problems developed closely with the industry, participants derive theoretical models, design prototypes, and create simulations of their creative solutions. Final entries are reviewed and judged by esteemed technical leaders from around the world, in their respective fields.

SSC 2021