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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. When does registration close? Registration closes on 10th August 2019, 5pm (GMT +8)
  2. Is it possible to sign up with more than 4 people in a team? Team size is fixed at 4 members in each team.
  3. Is this competition open to international students? Yes, this competition is open to both local and international students.
  4. How much is the registration fee for this competition? Total registration fee is S$60 per team (4 participants)
  5. How can I make payment for the registration fee? We only accept payment via Bank Transfer, Cheque, or Paypal. Please state your invoice number and team name in the remarks.
  6. Do I need to be in Singapore to participate in the competition? Teams are not required to visit Singapore to complete the challenge and submission of mandatory deliverables (mission report, video presentation and computer simulation) should be done via email. However, if teams would like to attend the award ceremony or participate in the Community Choice closed door pitching session, flights and accommodations will be at the team’s expense. However, SSTA will be happy to provide assistance and advice if needed.
  7. Is there an age limit for this competition? Participating students should be between the ages of 15 – 25 years old in 2019.


  1. When do I have to submit the report? Please submit the final electronic report via email latest by 06 December 2019 (5pm, GMT +8)
  2. What is the marking criteria for the mission report? We have 4 categories to judge for:
  3. How do I earn Bonus Points? Bonus points earned through industry visits and mentor workshops are currently applicable for local students. More details will be provided later.Overseas teams who are unable to attend the industry visits or Meet-the-Experts session will also have the opportunity to earn bonus points by sourcing for their own industry/technical experts (either from their own country or overseas) and engaging them for a Meet-the-Experts session at their own time. The team will be required to complete a worksheet during the session and submit it via email along with photos/screenshots of the session to us via email. To download the worksheet and for more information please click here.
  4. How long can the mission report be? Mission report must not exceed 50 pages (excluding annexes and supporting information).
  5. What is the maximum file size limit on each submission? The combined file size should not exceed 2GB.

Awards Ceremony

  1. What is a Community Choice Award? This is an award given to the team that gives the best live presentation on stage to a closed-door panel of judges.
  2. How do I participate in the Community Choice Award? An email will be sent out to participants after the complete submission of key deliverables (i.e. mission report, presentation video, simulation video) to invite participation for this award.As we have limited slots available, it will be selected by first-come-first-serve basis.
  3. When will the results be released? We will announce the final results on 7th February 2020, during the SSC 2020 award ceremony.
  4. How do I inform the organizer, if I am unable to attend the awards ceremony to collect my certificate of participation? Please indicate your attendance on our Google form invitation for the Award Ceremony. If you are unable to attend, we will contact you to come by to our office premise to collect your certificates at an alternative date.

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