Singapore Space Challenge X (SSC-X) 2021

Singapore Space Challenge X (SSC-X) 2021

Challenge Statement

Design a rover model capable of carrying out excavation and/or In-Situ Resource Utilisation (ISRU) missions on the moon

Humans have been actively trying to extend our boundaries when it comes to space exploration by going deeper into space with longer duration missions. These missions lastย  weeks, months and even years. Furthermore, as the duration of the mission increases, it becomes increasingly important for us to utilize the vast amount of resources found throughout the mission as resupplying essentials are expensive and relying exclusively on them may put crews at risk. Therefore, the need for robots that can assist or carry out research and exploration tasks on these missions are essential for prolonged space exploration and will eventually help us live on extra-terrestrial surfaces. As we see a growing interest in the industry to go to the moon, the have also increased. A lunar investment is also an investment in our future: it will create new jobs, help improve life here on Earth, and inspire a new generation and encourage careers in STEM.


Participants stand a chance to win the following prizes:

  • Grand Prize: S$10,000

Deliverables Requirement

  1. Systems Engineering Paper (Mandatory)
    • Completed and final entries must include a Systems engineering paper not exceeding 15 pages (excluding annexes and supporting information) including all illustrations, graphics and schematics. A complete bibliography is required.
  2. Rover details and Proof of Life (Mandatory)
    • For the judges to better assess the built rover, students must submit a video recording (less then 5 minutes) of themselves presenting their built rover and explaining their project to the judges along with a paper detailing the Rover’s specifications.
  3. Built Rover (Mandatory)
    • Teams must produce a Functioning Rover no larger than 1m x 0.5m x 0.5m and weighing no more than 60kg.