Asian Try Zero G Past Experiment

JAXA Astronaut Takuya Onishi performed 5 themes proposed by six countries: Singapore, Vietnam/Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and New Zealand. (Click Title to view video)

Title Experiments Item Proposal Objectives Country
The Flying Paper Plane Paper Throwing paper planes with some variations of aileron, rudder, in ISS/Kibo to observe how they fly in the absence of gravity. Singapore
Magnus Effect Ball Throwing ball with or without spinning in ISS/Kibo to observe how Magnus Effect appears under micro gravity environment Vietnam and Malaysia
Blocks in Jar wooden ball, Alumini ball, polyacetal ball, plastic bag, water Shaking water bag which contains balls made of various materials to observe how they move in the bag. Indonesia
Capillary in Zero Gravity Syringe / liquid Sucking air and various liquid in a syringe to observe shape of boundary surface between air and the liquid. Thailand
Liquid Density Action Liquid Attaching two liquid balls made of different materials under micro gravity environment to observe how they are mixed. New Zealand

JAXA Astronaut Kimiya Yui performed 6 themes proposed by six countries: Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Bangladesh, Australia, and Vietnam (Click Title to view video)

Title Experiments Item Proposal Objectives Country
Spinning a ball on its own axis with one finger Light box / flat board Observing the behavior of any solid object (for example, a ruler, book, or laptop) set spinning by the touch of a fingertip Malaysia
Can we make wind in space? Fan a big object & two objects with different weights Observing the behavior of solid objects fanned with a large piece of paper (background sheet) Thailand
The incredible hoop glider! Paper hoop glider Behavior observation of various types of hoop glider Philippines
Paper ball inside a water ball paper ball / water Observing the effect of a microgravity environment on a paper ball inside a water ball Bangladesh and Australia**
Zero G painting Paper / Coffee / Paint Brush Observing the changing shapes created by painting and signing in various directions — with a normal orientation, sideways, and upside down Thailand
Sizable substance set on somersaulting stretched slinky slinky Observing the behavior of a slinky (with aluminum weight on one side) when released after spinning horizontally Philippines (4 similar Ideas) and Malaysia**

JAXA Astronaut Koichi Wakata performed 3 themes proposed by two countries: Malaysia and Australia, and 1 additional theme that consolidated several similar proposals. (Please click here for past experiment video)

Title Experiments Item Proposal Objectives Country
Capillarity under zero-gravity Straw / paint brush / ink In microgravity, dipstraw or ink brush into liquid and observe how the liquid behaves, if the liquid goes up into a narrow tube because of surface tension Australia
Growing bubbles in a glass of water Straw / ink Put a straw into liquid and breath out into it, then observe how the generated bubbles behave.
Bernoulli’s principle Paper cylinders, Clips Observe if Bernoulli’s Principle is valid in microgravity using a pair of paper cylinders. 1) What will happen if you blow between the two cylinders? 2) try to push the centre of the cylinder which rotates longitudinally. Malaysia
Mass and Weight comparison – Weight & center of mass Clips, rubber band, Paint brush, blocks Make a balance scale out of an ink brush and three rubber bands tied to it and observe how it tilts in microgravity. 1) Try without any weights, with a polymer block and a aluminum block.  2) Try to find the center of mass by adjusting the attachemnt point of the binder clip, extend the rubber band and release the ink brush with weights.

There is no any experiment in 2013

JAXA Astronaut Akihiko Hoshide performed 7 themes proposed by three countries: Malaysia, Australia, and Pakistan. (Please click here for past experiment video)

Title Experiments Item Proposal Objectives Country
Weight Station and Hooke’s Law in Space Spring bellows / Weight Weight 3 objects’ weight via using spring bellows in microgravity Australia/ Pakistan
Effect of gravity on capillary action Water / paper Observe absorbency time of water in microgravity Pakistan
Verification of Inertia wooden block / Metal Block Using the blocks with the same size and shape but different weight to hit each other microgravity, observe the outcome Pakistan
Liquid Stuck in Straw Straw / Coffee Observe liquid’s movement in microgravity Pakistan
Straw and coloured liquid – Behavior of Water in a Straw Straw / Coffee Malaysia
Juggling in Space 3 Blocks Juggle 3 blocks in microgravity Malaysia
Weight Suspeded from a bar Yo yo / string Observe Yoyo’s swing in microgravity Malaysia

JAXA Astronaut Satoshi Furukawa performed 4 themes.

Title Experiments Item Proposal Objectives
Director in Space Compass Observe how the compass work in microgravity
soap bubbles floating in space Soap bubbles Observe soap bubble condition in microgravity
Conservation of weight Weight / Paper Observe the strike between light and heavy objects in microgravity
Yo-yo in space Yo-Yo Observe Yoyo’s movemet in microgravity