Asian Try Zero-G Result

Asian Try Zero-G Result

ATZG 2017

Asian Try Zero-G Asia 2017 selected proposals from Singapore are Nanyang Polytechnic & Naval Base Secondary School’s Aircraft Stability, NUS High School’s Paper Boomerang and NUS High School’s Gyroscope & Tippe Top .

Congratulations to Nanyang Polytechnic’s Ng Wei Hou, Naval Base Secondary School’s Ong Han Yi, Dexter and NUS High School’s Fu Tianyi, Alexander Goo Zong Han, Kim Yongbeom, Paul Seow Jian Hao & Srivathsan Ram!

Please see video below for the selected experiments for Try Zero-G Asia 2017

ATZG 2017 Gyroscope & Tippe Top (Singapore)

ATZG 2017 Aircraft Stability (Singapore)

ATZG 2017 Paper Boomerang (Singapore)

ATZG 2016

Asian Try Zero-G Asia 2016 winning proposal from Singapore is Hillgrove Secondary School’s The Flying Paper Plane.

Congratulations to Hillgrove Secondary School’s Wang Hao Ming, Justin Chua Jun Yee, Caleb Goh Kai Woon and Tan Rui En Ethan!

Click here to view the selected experiments for Try Zero-G Asia 2016

ATZG 2016 The Flying Paper Plane (Singapore)