• Cybersecurity for Satcom Systems
  • Global Satellite Industry Trends
  • IoT in Space
  • Smallsat Innovation
  • Faster, Better, Cheaper of manufacturing space satellites
  • Smart manufacturing solutions to address larger constellation requirements, and how geographic supply chain models could benefit industry.
  • Satellite Life Extension Missions
  • Space Debris
  • Space Applications for Smart Cities
  • Emerging Space Powers
  • The role of Space in Urban Mobility
  • Revolutionary Ideas for New Space Business Opportunities
  • 3D Printing in Space
  • New Missions, New Breakthroughs
  • Quantum Key Distribution in Space
  • Used Case Study of Satellite in Disaster Risk Management
  • Artificial Intelligence to Create Value for Space


14 February 2019, Thursday

Opening Ceremony

Industry Keynote Address | Mr Philippe Pham, SVP, Head of EO, Navigation & Science Airbus | Mr Marc-Henri Serre, Vice President of Domain Observation and Sciences Thales Alenia Space

Global Perspectives and Developments

China’s Space activities for the belt and road initiative¬†|¬†Mr Yang Baohua Vice President of¬†China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation

Panel: Industry Chiefs Dialogue | Sir Martin Sweeting, Executive Chairman Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd | Mr Philippe Pham, SVP, Head of EO, Navigation & Science Airbus | Mr Marc-Henri Serre, Vice President of Domain Observation and Sciences Thales Alenia Space | Mr Minoru Ueda, General Manager, Space Systems and Advanced Electronics Department Mitsubishi Asia Electric Pte Ltd | Mr Opher Doron, General Manager of MBT Space Division Israel Aerospace Industries | Moderated by Mr Steve Bochinger, COO Euroconsult

Using small satellite to facilitate new business in space| Mr Alex Da Silva Curiel, Head of International Business Development in Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd

EO satellite applications in Maritime surveillance| Mr Foo Weng Kee, General Manager in Airbus D S Geo Pte Ltd

Elope in space| Arie Leizer, Space System Engineering Group Manager in Elbit Systems Singapore Pte Ltd

Application of Pangeo Alliance | Mr Jamie Ritchie, CCO Deimos Imaging

Global Perspectives and Developments

Altneuspace –¬† When traditional space meets newspace¬†|¬†Mr Opher Doron, General Manager of MBT Space Division Israel Aerospace Industries

Pico-satellites for in-orbit validation of tomorrow’s spacecraft technology¬†|¬†Mr Antonio Varriale, Group CTO Blu5 Group|¬†Mr Ing. Marc Anthony Azzopardi, Research Group Coordinator, Astrionics Research Group University of Malta

Small satellites: Big design challenges| Mr Shripathi V, Senior Technical Specialist, Aerospace Technical Division MSC Software Corporation

Panel: Small SAT Innovation | Dr Amal Chandran, Associate Director for Space Technology, Satellite Research Centre Nanyang Technological University| Mr Tan Khai Pang, Chief Operating and Technology Officer Addvalue | Mr Mark Lim Jian Wei, Co-Founder and CEO Aliena | Mr Low Kay Soon, Centre Director, Satellite Technology and Research Centre (STAR) National University of Singapore| Gomspace | Moderated by Mr Andy Vick, Head of Disruptive Technologies SFTC RAL Space

Innovative Communications & Connectivity Developments

Cybersecurtity challenges for Satellites | Prof Itzik Ben Israel, Chairman of Israel Space Agency

Building hyperscale data centres in space |  Mr Ohad Harlev, CEO of Lyteloop

RF-Communication and tracking payload for micro-satellite | Dr Peng Xiaoming, Department Head, Satellite Department Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R) A*STAR

Panel: Technology developments in Satellite connectivity | Mr Nicola Zaccheo, CEO SITAEL Spa | Mr Barry Matsumori, CEO BridgeSat | Mr Tan Khai Pang, Chief Operating and Technology Officer Addvalue | Mr Meir Moalem, CEO Sky and Space Global | Mr Philippe Poiré, Business Development Manager, Telecom Systems Thales Alenia Space | Moderated by Mohammad Danesh, CTO Transcelestial

Satcom innovation in an era of low earth orbit constellations | Mr Mark James Ramsey, General Manager SITAEL Australia

Presentation by NSR | Mr Jose Del Rosario, Research Director Northern Sky Research

Panel: The samllsat bubble? | Mr Imran Malik, Global Vice President, Fixed Data, SES Network | Ms Lynette Tan, Executive Director Singapore Space & Technology Association | Mr Terry Bleakley, Regional Vice President, Asia Pacific Intelsat | Dr Trevor Sorensen, Project Manager Hawaii Space Flight Laboratory | Moderated by Mr Jose Del Rosario, Research Director Northern Sky Research

Singapore Space Challenge “Community Choice Award”¬†

15 February 2019, Friday

Industry Keynote Address: The new game for space innovation that is changing business and live | Jean-Yves Le Gall, President CNES

Presentation by China Great Wall Industry Corporation | Mr Fu Zhiheng, Executive VP China Great Wall Industry Corporation

Panel: Opportunities and concerns for government using space tech and applications | Dr Anggoro Widiawan, VP Strategic Business Development PT Telkomsat | Mr Masanobu Tsuji, Director Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency | Dr Rogel Mari Sese, Programme Leader National Space Development Program, Philippines | Dr Thomas Djammaluddin, Head of LAPAN National Institute of Aeronautics and Space | Mr Toh Wee Khiang, Director, National Energy Transformation Office, Energy Market Authority | Moderated by Mr Alexander Jeuck, GM Corporate & Business Development N@TSAT Singapore

Space situational awareness | Mr. Serge Taride, Senior Business Development Manager Thales Alenia Space

A successful commercial use of Sentinel 1 | Mr. Alexis Berson, Senior Analyst, Kayrros

Remote sensing & geospatial data

Remote sensing and geospatial applications | Mr Tan Boon Khai, CEO Singapore Land Authority

Panel: The future of GIS | Mr Tan Boon Khai, CEO Singapore Land Authority | Mr Kamran Akhtar, Vice President, International Sales and Government Affairs Spaceflight Industries | Mr Matthew Halferty, Director, International Business AGI | Mr Motoyuki Arai, Founder & CEO Synspective | Moderator: Mr Matt O’ Connell, Partner Seraphim Capital

Evolution from satellite through imagery in analytics | Mr Sungdong Park, Executive Chairman Satrec Initiative

Application of satellite and remote sensing technologies in disaster risk management | Ms Keiko Saito, Disaster Risk Management Specialist World Bank

Breaking the borders of innovation РFrom Scotland to Singapore | Mr Steve Lee, CEO Stevenson Astrosat

High precision 3D map for autonomous driving utilizing quasi-zenith satellite system | Mr Naoto Shirokane, Marketing Executive, Space Systems and Advanced Electronics Department, Mitsubishi Electric Asia Pte Ltd

Panel: Earth observation | Mr Eugene D. Kim, Business Development Director Satrec Initiative | Mr George Guy Thomas, Founder and CEO C-SIGMA LLC | Mr Kwoh Leong Keong, Director CRISP | Mr Luigi Scatteia, Director of PwC Space Practice PwC France | Mr Luis Gomes, Chief Technologist Surrey Satellite Technology Limited | Moderated by Mr Joerg Kreisel, CEO JKIC

Metasensing Starsar-x: A new multi-mode high-resolution x-band spaceborne SAR | Dr. Adriano Meta, Founder and CEO Metasensing

Socio-economic benefits of earth observation| Mr Martin Robillard, Regional Director, Sales and Marketing Space Systems Airbus

Newspace launchers & Missions

Balancing safety with competitive pricing in the newspace era | Mr Vivian Quenet, Managing Director and Head of Sales, Singapore ASEAN Office Arianespace

Presentation by Spaceflight Inc | Ms Melissa Wuerl, Vice President of Business Development Spaceflight Inc

The newspace logistics РSmall satellite cluster integration and launches | Ms Jeanne Medvedeva, Commercial Director EXOLAUNCH

Opening a new era of space access with flexible air launch platform | Ms Monica Jan, Senior Director, Strategy and Customer ExperienceVirgin Orbit

Filling the gap in small-to-medium launch class | Mrs Yevheniia Tishchenko in International Business Development Firefly Aerospace

Water plasma powered in space transportation services | Ms Negar Fehar, Vice President of Product and Business Development Momentus Space

Moon express commercial lunar expeditions opportunities for science, exploration and commerce| Mr Bob Richards, Founder of Moon Express and International Space University

Performance and robustness for the new space exploration era | Dr Christian Sallaberger, President and CEO Canadensys Aerospace Corporation

Finance & Capital 

Panel: Access to capital in the space industry | Mr Arun Kant, CEO Leonie Hill Capital | Mr Christophe Donay, Head of Asset Allocation & Macro Research Pictet Wealth Management | Mrs Karin Nilsdotter, CEO Spaceport Sweden | Mr Paul Santos, Managing Partner Wavemaker | Mr Rainer Horn, Managing Partner SpaceTec Capital | Moderated by Mr Mas Uchino, Attorney Zelo Law

Side Events

Southeast Asia Benefactors’ Reception

Synthetic Aperture Radar Workshop

Pitching sessions for Startups

Singapore Space Challenge Community Choice Award

Singapore Space Challenge Awards Ceremony

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