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6 February 2020 


0800 | Registration & Welcome Break
Opening Ceremony
1010 | Morning Tea Break 
High Speed Protected Communication Links on Future Space Systems
Balancing Cyber Security with Business Needs of Commercial Space
Space as a Service - First out of the World
Panel: Seeing the Big Picture with Small, Smarter Tools
1230 | Lunch
Interference Mitigation for Satellite Communications: A New Perspective
Faster, Better, Cheaper Way of Manufacturing Satellites
Asian Launch Opportunities
1500 | Afternoon Tea Break
Afternoon Keynote
The Future of Satcoms | 5G and Space
Satellite Life Missions
Panel: Industry Chiefs
1800 | VIP Cocktail


7 February 2020


0800 | Registration & Welcome Break
Keynote || Space & Innovation
Panel: Space Applications for Smart Cities
The Role of Space in Urban Mobility
Highly Precise Positioning Technology
1030 | Morning Tea Break
Panel: Journey to the New Space - Open yet Secured Satellite Communication for All
Intelligent Space Systems - The Space Opportunity that Makes Sense for Australia
1215 | Lunch
Panel: Emerging Space Powers
Panel: Successful Universities Programmes in Smallsat Innovation 
1500 | Afternoon Tea Break
Panel: Integrating Commercial Space into Air Traffic Management
Unique Applications for Space Based Hyperscale Datacenters
3D Printing in Space
Panel: 2020: New Mission, New Breakthroughs
1715 | GSTC 2020 Programme Ends


Side Events

Multi-GNSS Asia Regional
Symposium 2020
Hosted Space Agency

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Pitching Session for
Singapore Space Challenge
Pitching Session
Singapore Space Challenge
Awards Ceremony

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6 February 2020

08:00 |  Registration & Welcome Break

Sponsored by Addvalue

08:30 |  VVIP Tour

09:00 |  Welcome Remarks

Speaker: Mr Jonathan Hung, President, Singapore Space and Technology Association

09:10 |  Minister's Address

Speaker: Mr Teo Chee Hean, Senior Minister and Coordinating Minister for National Security

09:25 |  Singapore Address

Speaker: Mr Peter Ho, Chairman of the Office for Space Technology and Industry (OSTIn), Economic Development Board Singapore

09:35 |  Keynote Address from Industry

Speaker: Mr Jean-Marc Nasr, Head of Space Systems, Airbus Defence and Space

09:45 |  Morning Tea Break

Sponsored by Addvalue

10:15 |  High Speed Protected Communication Links on Future Space Systems

Speaker: Mr Scott Forney, President of General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems, General Atomics

To provide persistent capabilities, future government and commercial space systems are developing architectures that include constellations of small satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO). To meet requirements, constant real time secure communications is required. Optical intersatellite links (OISL) offer advantages over radio frequency (RF) systems and the technology has sufficiently advanced to assure reliable and affordable capability. Beyond LEO, high capacity communication between our space systems near the Moon and out to Mars, is also best accomplished using OISL capabilities.  

10:30 |  Pleiades Neo Trusted Intelligence: The Best of Very-High Resolution Optical Imagery

Speaker: Mr Patrice Galey, Business Development Asia of Intelligence Division, Airbus

10:45 |  [Topic to be confirmed]

Speaker: H.E. Dr. Eng. Mohammed Nasser Al Ahbabi, Director General, UAE Space Agency

11:00 |  [Topic to be confirmed]

Speaker: Mr Abhineet Jain, Senior Manager - Industry Business Development (Civil Government), Maxar

11:15 |  [Reserved]

11:30 |  [Reserved]

11:45 |  Panel: Seeing the Big Picture with Small, Smarter Tools

Speakers: Mr Alexander Ridgeway, Systems Engineer, AGI | Mr Steve Young, VP of Systems Development and Sales, ICEYE | Mr Francis Low, Head of Advanced Development, Addvalue | Mr Marc-Henri Serre, Vice President of Domain Observation & Science, Thales Alenia Space | Mr Masato Nakamura, Vice President, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) | Moderator: Dr Nick Appleyard, Head of Downstream Business Applications Department, ESA

12:30 |  Lunch

13:30 |  Hungarian Space Activity: The Forefront of International Space Research

Speaker: Dr Orsolya Ferencz, Ministral Commissioner for Hungary Space Research: Hungarian Space Activity, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary

13:45 |  Interference Mitigation for Satellite Communications: A New Perspective

Speaker: Mr Jeffrey C. Chu, Vice President, ST Engineering iDirect

This talk will discuss the latest approach and innovations in dealing with interferences in an increasingly congested communications environment, both space and ground. 

14:00 |  A New Dimension in Satellite Constellations

Speaker: Mr Alex da Silva Curiel, Head of International Business, Surrey Satellite and Technology Limited

14:15 |  Faster, Better, Cheaper Way of Manufacturing Satellites

Speaker: [Reserved]

Smart manufacturing solutions to address larger constellation requirements, and how geographic supply chain models could benefit the industry. 

14:30 |  [Topic to be confirmed]

Speaker: Mr Vivian Quenet, Managing Director and Head of Sales for the Asia-Pacific Region, Arianespace

14:45 |  [Reserved]

15:00 |  Afternoon Tea Break

15:30 |  Factoring Satellite into the 5G Ecosystem

Speaker: Mr Christopher Boyd, Senior Director - PLM. Product Technology and Innovation and Co-Chair, 5G Working Group, ST Engineering iDirect

15:45 |  [Reserved]

16:00 |  Will Next Generation Satellites Complexify Ground Segments? 

Speaker: Mr Orson Storar, Sales Director Ground System Europe and Asia, Thales Alenia Space

16:15 |  Satellite Life Extension Missions

Speaker: [Reserved]

16:30 |  Space Research at ONERA, A European Vision

Speaker: Mr Marc Lesturgie, Director of International Affairs Directorate, ONERA

Space research carried at ONERA fulfils institutional and industrial requirements with the objective to work out innovative solutions and address technological breakthroughs. Supported by a wide range of activities including system approach, numerical simulation, testbeds and demonstrators, research covers innovative launchers, earth observation techniques (optical and radar), space surveillance, satellite communications using adaptive optics, space science as well as fundamental physics and characterization of the space environment. A significant part of this research is undertaken within the European framework. ONERA is a member of the European Space Research Establishments Association (ESRE, an association of 8 research organizations: CBK-CIRA-DLR-INCAS-INTA-NLR-ONERA-VZLU), whose role is to pave the way for the future EU Space Research Program. The presentation will cover several illustrations of the research achieved from European projects like ALTAIR, ESFESTO, LEMON, MINOTOR, PULSAR, SCARBO, VERTIGO

16:45 |  Panel: Industry Chiefs

Speakers: Mr Jean-Marc Nasr, Head of Space Systems, Airbus | Mr Scott Forney, President of General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems, General Atomics | Prof Sir Martin Sweeting, Executive Chairman, Surrey Satellite and Technology Limited | Mr Jacob Philip Kanianthara, Vice President, Flex | Mr Minoru Ueda, General Manager, Mitsubishi | Moderator: Pacome Revillon, Chief Executive Officer, Euroconsult

What has changed and what has not (fortunately, or unfortunately)  in the space industry? What are disruptive technologies that will change or improve businesses and lives. And how will they grow or threaten existing businesses. 

Industry chiefs will discuss the new business opportunities in space applications, space technologies and where they are placing their bets on.

7 February 2020

08:00 |  Registration & Welcome Break

09:00 |  Keynote || Space & Innovation

Speaker: Prof Pascale Ehrenfreund, Chair of the DLR Executive Board, German Aerospace Centre

Space is a driver for innovation. The German Aerospace Center(DLR) , the largest space research organisation in Europe, is at the forefront of these developments. This Keynote Address will outline the synergistic contributions DLR is able to offer through its research portfolio to “push the innovation frontier” and will highlight some cross-sector projects that were established with the DLR Strategy 2030 making DLR a significant contributor to innovation development.

09:15 |  Panel: Space Applications for Smart Cities

Speakers: Mr János Solymosi, Founder and Director of Aerospace, BHE Bonn Hungary | Dr Jean-Yves Le Gall, President, Centre of National d'Etudes Spatiales (CNES) | Prof Pascale Ehrenfreund, Chair of the DLR Executive Board, German Aerospace Centre | Ms Quah Ley Hoon, Chief Executive, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore | Mr Tan Boon Khai, Chief Executive, Singapore Land Authority | Ms Lynette Tan, Executive Director, Singapore Space and Technology Association

10:00 |  Contribution for Society via Space Technology of Mitsubishi Electric

Speaker: Mr Minoru Ueda, General Manager, Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Electric’s contribution for space utilization not only for positioning but for observation, communication and space exploration.

10:15 |  Highly Precise Positioning Technology

Speaker: [Reserved]

10:30 |  Morning Tea Break

11:00 |  Panel: Journey to the Space - Open yet Secured Satellite Communication for All Space

Speakers: Mr Christian Patouraux, CEO and Founder, Kacific | Mr Ng Kheng Ghee, Head of Satellite, Singtel | Mr Yau Chyong Lim, Chief Operating Officer, MEASAT | Mr Zee Zheng, CEO & Co-Founder, SpaceChain | Moderator: Ms Jane Low, Correspondent, MySecurity Media

Traditional satellite operators Singtel and Measat will share about the transformation journey of how traditional sat operators are changing and adapting and supporting more. While new players  will share the stage, sharing how they are changing the satellite industry, challenging the incumbent and providing novel technologies to provide important values to users. Who can move up the value chain, to provide reliable, secured communications beyond plain pipe?

11:45 |  [Reserved]

12:00 |  Intelligent Space Systems - The Space Opportunity that Makes Sense for Australia

Speaker: Prof Russell Boyce, Chair for Intelligent Space Systems and Director of UNSW Canberra Space, UNSW Canberra Space

Australia is embarking on a new journey, combining home-grown space science and engineering talent with the global shift in the space paradigm towards miniaturised spacecraft with advanced sensors and on-board intelligence, to help meet critical needs and opportunities on Earth. UNSW Canberra Space (Australia's largest space capability) and the new SmartSat CRC are at the forefront of this effort. The intelligent space systems that are under development represent a significant niche world leadership opportunity for Australia.

12:15 |  Lunch

13:15 |  Panel: Emerging Space Powers

Speakers: Mr Azlikamil Bin Napiah, Director General, Malaysian Space Agency (MYSA) | Dr Rogel Mari Sese, President, Regulus SpaceTech | Dr Thomas Djamaluddin, Chairman, National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN) | Mr Temidayo Isaiah, Managing Director, Space in Africa | Moderator: Mr Matt Halferty, International Business Director, Analytical Graphics, Inc.

14:00 |  Panel: Successful Universities Programmes in Smallsat Innovation

Speakers: Prof Amal Chandran, Assistant Professor of Satellite Research Centre, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) | Mr Yasunori Yamazaki, Chief Business Officer, Axelspace | Moderator: Mr John Conafay, Business Development Director, Spaceflight

14:45 |  Data Driven Development to Achieve the Sustainable Economy

Speaker: Mr Motoyuki Arai, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Synspective

15:00 |  Afternoon Tea Break

Sponsored by EXOLAUNCH

15:15 |  Afternoon Keynote || IAI in Space - The Next Innovation

Speaker: Mr Shlomi Sudri, General Manager of Space Division, Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd (IAI)

15:45 |  Balancing Cyber Security with Business Needs of Commercial Space

Speaker: Mr Phil Trainor, Security Solution Director, Keysight Technologies

16:00 |  Unique Applications for Space Based Hyperscale Datacenters

Speaker: Mr Ohad Harlev, Co-Founder, Lyteloop

LyteLoop’s revolutionary “storage in motion” technique will transform how data is stored while providing a myriad of unique and customizable advantages based on the desired LyteLoop application deployed. LyteLoop now makes it possible to harness the power of light to store huge amounts of data in spaced based Hyperscale Data Centres, which provide unique value propositions.

16:15 |  3D Printing in Space

Speaker: Dr Ho Chaw Sing, Managing Director, Namic

16:30 |  The Vega Launcher Family: Access to Space Solutions for Smallsats

Speaker: Mr Giulio Ranzo, Chief Executive Officer, Avio

16:45 |  Panel: New Mission, New Breakthroughs

Speakers: Dr Chen Yen Sen, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, TiSPACE | Mr Earl Han, Engineer, Oneweb | Ms Jeanne Medvedeva, Commercial Director, EXOLAUNCH | Ms Monica Jan, Senior Director of Strategy and Customer Experience, Virgin Orbit | Moderator: Mr Luigi Scatteia, Partner, PwC Space Practice

This panel will bring together game changers for the year 2020. What can we look forward to, what new developments are in the pipeline, what is being financed and what not. This is the session that will give you the answers. 

End of GSTC 2020

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