ILOA Southeast Asia Benefactors’ Reception

ILOA Southeast Asia Benefactors’ Reception

The International Lunar Observatory Association (ILOA) is an inter-global enterprise incorporated in Hawaii as a non-profit to expand human knowledge of the Cosmos through observation from our Moon and to participate in internationally cooperative lunar base build-out. ILOA sponsors, with affiliate Space Age Publishing Company, a science education and outreach program known as Galaxy Forum in locations worldwide.

The Southeast Asia Benefactors’ Reception (SEABR) is part of ILOA’s international effort in expanding the frontiers of astronomy, space science, exploration, and education by working towards a goal to set up an observatory on the South Pole of the Moon, which will conduct astronomy and lunar communications.

Venue: St Regis Singapore

Date: 13th February 2019

Note that this event is by invitation only 

Please contact for enquiries.