Full List of Speakers

Full List of Speakers

Dr Noordin Ahmad

Director General

Eng. Salem Humaid Al Marri

Assistant Director, General
Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre

Mr Andrew (Andy) Bull

SATCOM Specialist
Nova Systems

Mr C D Shridhara

Ananth Technologies Ltd

Mr John Cartwright

Vice President

Gen. (Ret.) Prof Chaim Eshed

Chairman, Space Committee
Israel National Council for R&D

Mr Pravin Chandrasekaran

Chief Executive Officer

Mr Gurvinder Chohan

Director Business Development
MDA Corporation

Dr Franco Ongaro

European Space Agency

Mr Alex da Silva Curiel

Regional Head Business Develoment
Surrey Satellite Technology Limited

Mr Hugues de Galzain

Vice President
Airbus Defence and Space

Prof. Dr. Thomas Djamaluddin


Mr Dmitriy Bogdanov

CEO and Founder
ECM Launch Services

Mr Opher Doron

General Manager
Israel Aerospace Industries, Ltd. (IAI)

Col Marty France

Division Chair
United States Air Force Academy

Mr Jean-Francois Gauche

Head of Business Innovation
Airbus Defence and Space

Mr Simon Gwozdz

CEO and Founder
Equatorial Space Industries

Mr Adam Gilmour

CEO and Founder
Gilmour Space Technologies

Dr Goh Eng Lim

Vice President
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Mr Luis Gomes

Chief Technology Officer
Surrey Satellite Technologies

Col H. S. Shankar (Retd.)

Chairman & Managing Director
Alpha Design Technologies Private Limited

Mr Hervé Hamy

Vice President
Thales Alenia Space

Mr Jonathan Hung

Singapore Space and Technology Association

Ms Monica Jan

Senior Director
Virgin Orbit

Mr Shuhei Kamiya

Marketing Executive
Mitsubishi Electric Asia Pte Ltd

Mr Joerg Kreisel

Chief Executive Officer
JOERG KREISEL International Consultant (JKIC)

Dr. Sc. Karthik Kumar

Head of Science and Engineering Research Council
Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)

Mr Kwoh Leong Keong

The Centre for Remote Imaging, Sensing and Processing (CRISP)

Dr Alexander Ling

Principal Investigator
Centre for Quantum Technologies

Mr Patrick Mauté

Chief Technology Officer
Thales Alenia Space

Mr Tytus Michalski

Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Fresco Capital

First Admiral Sutarmono, M.Si (Han)

Head of Communication and Electronic Warfare Service
Indonesian Navy

Mr Matt O Connell

Seraphim Capital

Mr Nobu Okada

CEO and Founder
Astroscale Pte Ltd

Mr Ian Christensen

Project Manager
Secure World Foundation

Mr Hugues Pavie

Head of Asia-Pacific
Airbus DS Intelligence

Ms Esti Peshin

General Manager
Israel Aerospace Industries, Ltd (IAI)

Dr. Subba Rao Pavuluri

Ananth Technologies Ltd

Mr Christopher Richins

CEO and Co-Founder
RBC Signals

Mr Joerg Rissiek

Vice President
Airbus Defence and Science

Mr Martin Robillard

Sales Director
Airbus Defence and Space

Mr Thomas Schrage

Business Development Manager

Mr Sergey Lemeshevskii

Director General
Lavochkin Association

Mr Doron Shterman

Head of Engineering
ImageSat International

Mr Ravinder Singh

Singapore Technologies Electronics Limited

Dr Thomas Snitch

Chief Executive Officer

Mr Sune Græsbøll Ottensen

Regional Director
GOMSpace Asia

Mr Ryuta Suzuki

General Manager
Mitsubishi Electric Asia Pte. Ltd. (MEAP)

Mr Tan Khai Pang

Chief Operating and Technology Officer
Addvalue Technologies Ltd

Mr Tan Kong Hwee

Executive Director
Singapore Economic Development Board

Mr. Serge Taride

Business Development
Thales Alenia Space

Dr Marco Villa

Chief Operating Officer
Tyvak Nano Satellite Systems Inc

Mr. Vitaliy O.Safonov

Deputy Director General

Dr Wang Guoqing (王国庆)

Vice President
China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology

Mr Spence Wise

Business Development Manager
Harris Corporation

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