Frequently Asked Questions, Frequently Given Answers (F.A.Q)

Q: Can I register alone?
A: You can, but you won’t be able to participate alone. You’ll need a trusty team. Now you can choose them on the workshop day, but you also just register as a team.

Q: How big can this trusty team be?
A: Your band of brothers or sisters can include two to five people, not more, not less either (because that would be just you)

Q: I’m from x-country and I’m not sure if the CNES or ESA will give me access to their patents or data during this competition…
A: If a team needs access to any data or patent of the CNES or ESA for their challenge, they will obtain it, no matter what country they come from.

Q: If I have a technical question during the weekend of ActInSpace 2018, and my local coaches are not able to answer them, whom do I call?
A: We’ll be trying to put a form of « Hotline » in place so you could ask your question to a number of technical experts. The hotline will have three centres, one in the America’s, one in Europe and one in Asia, so time zones won’t be a problem.

Q: Is the hackathon open to everybody?
A: Yes. Why shouldn’t it be?

Q: I already have an idea, can I participate anyway?
A: Yes, you can, but ( ! ) your idea has to fit into one of the challenges presented.

Q: Are the participants obliged to stay through the night?
A: No, they can go home, but we will provide the participants the possibility to stay.

Q: Can people who do not live or work in the country participate in the hackathon?
A: Yes, they can. However they do need to be able to be there physically and speak the language of the other participants.

Q: Can participants start preparing for the challenges in advance with their team?
A: Yes, they can. Once the team is formed they can start to think about how to best respond to a challenge.

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