Training Programmes

Nano/Micro Satellite Course for Industry Professionals

  • Learn to build a nano satellite

Nano/Micro satellites are considered as a form of disruptive technology to the satellite industry due to its small size and capability making it relatively cheap to launch and operate. In recent years, interests on such satellites among the industry has begun to pick up, opening new business opportunities with new applications.
Singapore Space and Technology Association (SSTA) has put together a training programme to teach the basics of nano/micro satellites, and a hands-on experience of assembling a small satellite.


The course aims to provide general training on nano/micro satellite technologies and concepts, for industry professionals.

Phase 1

  • Provide a theoretical course on the essentials of satellite operations and systems
  • An in-depth workshop into various sub-systems operations and how it affects the overall satellite’s performance

Phase 2

  • Hands-on training on the assembly and building of a mock-up of a nanosatellite.

Who should attend?

The course is aimed at industry professionals who have an aptitude to learn about nano/micro satellite, space technology and design of satellite systems. Each workshop should have a minimum of 15 participants, but no more than 30 participants. No specific technical background is required. A certificate will be issued at the end of the course

Course Duration

The course can be customised for each group’s needs and requirements. The approximate duration is five days – three days for Phase 1 and two days for Phase 2. The two phases need not be consecutive.

Medium of Instruction

The course is conducted entirely in English.

For registration or more information, write to us at