Technical Workshops & Professional Education

Technical Workshops & Professional Education

Meet the Experts
September 2017

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Title : Asia Pacific Aerospace Quality Group | Space Forum (13 September 2017)

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Entrepreneur Workshop
Beginning 21st July 2017

The SMART Entrepreneur Impact Bootcamp is an intensive hands-on, action learning experience.

Teams will be asked to work on a real ‘live’ project and will be asked to make a Pitch at the end of the Bootcamp.

Space Industry Awareness Talk (Jointly organised by SSTA and e2i)
07 June 2017While one thinks of astronauts and aliens when outer space comes to mind, it is the engineers who make space exploration possible. Beyond space travel, there are many opportunities for different types of engineers in the field of space, satellite and technology. Come and explore what the space industry is all about and see if it suits you!