Focusing on our clients’ critical issues and opportunities: technology, transformation, sustainability, strategy, organisation, we bring deep and functional expertise. SSTL provides holistic perspective and captures value within and across industry and partners in the space and high technology organisations. 

Business Matching

Highly targeted and exclusive opportunities for new business contacts.

Talent Development

Establishing pathway and programmes for talent growth in STEM.

Management Advisory

Helping organisations improve strategies and building partnerships.

Startup Scouting

Uncovering the right startups, technologies, opportunities and trends.

In-depth Reports

Our insights and industry research will help navigate the APAC space landscape.

Customised Innovation Events

Gather innovative ideas, build solutions with communities, government and companies.


Experiment Facilities And Testing In Space

SSTL is Singapore’s sole administrator for the utilisation of the Japanese Experiment Module (JEM) on the International Space Station (ISS) for education and technical development.

JEM, also known as Kibo (the Japanese word for “hope”)  is the Japanese science module of the ISS and the largest ISS module.

A wide variety of scientific, medical, and educational experiments are conducted on the JEM. These includes experiments to be conducted by Japanese astronauts, in-orbit testing of new technologies in actual space environments, as well as launching of cubesats and microsats.

Launch Services For Small Satellites

Japanese Experiment Module (JEM) Small Satellite Orbital Deployer (J-SSOD) is a mechanism for deploying small satellites designed in accordance with CubeSat design specification (10cm×10cm×10cm) that transfers the satellites from the Japanese Experiment Module Kibo’s airlock to space environment and releases them on orbit. 1U, 2U and 3U cubesat as well as 50kg microsat can be deployed by J-SSOD.


Global Space & Technology Convention (GSTC)

Attended by industry leaders and new entrants, it brings together stakeholders in a highly focused B2B networking platform. 

Accelerator Programme

We believe in value creation and providing space startups with access to industry experts, end-users and business services.

Events and Networking

Engage and connect with other like-minded individuals and industry partners. Initiate connections and diversify your network.

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