SSTA x ArtScience Museum: Moongazers

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing, ArtScience Museum presents Special Event: Moongazers from 18 to 20 July to reflect on the significance of this groundbreaking journey which has defined a century. This exuberant three-day programme of performances, films, talks, displays and workshops celebrates human explorations and endeavours that bring about new scientific understandings of the world around us, and delves into our complex fascination with the Moon as an object of inspiration and wonderment.


This July, Singapore Space and Technology Association (SSTA) counts down to the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 Moon Landing on 20 July 2019.


SSTA will be hosting talks and panel discussions, exploring Singapore’s space journey from the perspectives of youths, astropreneurs and industry leaders. Over two days, SSTA will put together an exciting list of Singapore’s own space explorers and expert in collaboration with ArtScience Museum’s Moongazer programme.


One Giant Leap – Singapore’s youths taking their first steps – 19 July, Friday

SSTA gathers youths who were ex-participants of our Singapore Space Challenge (SSC) and Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief (HADR) Challenge. The youth panel will showcase participants from past till present, of which three have gone on to start their own space start-ups. It will be a sharing session of their inspirations, their journey thus far, and the opportunities Singapore has in store for other youths who want a spot in space.


Women in Space – An armchair conversation

We hear from women in space – Lynette Tan, Executive Director of SSTA will be having a chat with Dr Luo Sha of the Satellite Technology and Research Centre at NUS about transforming the perception of women in space technology, challenges faced and what young women can look forward to in a career in space and technology.


Singapore Needs More Space! – A Chat with Experts

A panel not to be missed, we have an exciting line up of space experts from right here, in Singapore. We present to you Prof Lui Pao Chuen who served as Chief Defence Strategist and is a veteran in the space industry; Mr Victor Khoo, Director of Survey and Geomatics at the Singapore Land Authority; Mr Mark Lim, co-founder and CEO of Aliena, a space start-up providing propulsion solutions for small satellite markets; Ms Gillian Chin, project coordinator at SSTA, here to break the myth that you have to be an engineer to be involved in space; moderated by Mr Bryan Lim, an SSTA volunteer who is a law undergrad with a strong passion in space.

Expect an in-depth yet wide-ranging discussion as we put together space experts who are from different walks of the industry. Touching on Singapore’s space journey, its development thus far, what the future holds for the Singapore space ecosystem and how we want to make space the future.


The People’s Moon

A collaboration between SSTA and The People’s Moon, it is a collection of Moon and Apollo 11 images contributed by thousands of people from around the world. Audiences will get a sneak preview of the completed project at the ArtScience Museum. If you had submitted your story, photograph or video, look forward to seeing it being shared on the screen here!