October, 16th, 2017

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Career in space industry? It’s within reach for many

Soft skills just as important as technical skills as Singapore space firms recruit for rapidly growing sector.

October, 9th, 2017

The local space technology industry

hopes to attract more professionals

The industry is expected to achieve double digit growth in the next 5 years.

October, 3rd, 2017

Space Voluntary Opportunities

Are you ready to build the future of Space in Singapore?

September, 30th, 2017

Singapore’s Case for Space

Singapore Space and Technology Association’s Lynette Tan discusses the opportunities that space offers to a small country like Singapore.

August, 31st, 2017

Singapore’s Station in Space

While small countries like Singapore may not have their own rocket launchpads or space programmes, that doesn’t mean that they are left out of the great human adventure into space.

August, 28th, 2017

Airbus Foundation holds second round of youth development programme in Singapore

The goal of the initiative by the Airbus Foundation is to encourage students to understand and embrace technology and ignite a passion that could grow into an exciting career in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.


June, 6th, 2017

Airbus organises start-up event in Singapore

The event was inspired by the Singapore government’s Smart Nation initiative, which aims to identify solutions that use connectivity and technology to improve the life of ordinary people, particularly in areas such as transportation, infrastructure and security.


February, 17th, 2017

Lift-off: Singapore wants to shoot for the stars

As SSTA turns 10 this year, the team talks to Straits Times on ways Singapore can reach for the stars.

October, 25th, 2016

Getting into the Act

The big technology players appear to be heeding the Singapore government’s call to boost the republic’s skills across the so-called STEM fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

September, 23rd, 2016


When Dreams Take Wing

Hillgrove Secondary students get chance to see their experiment conducted aboard ISS.

February, 12th, 2016


S’pore firm set to launch 2nd satellite by 2020

Dubbed TeLEOS-2, the upcoming satellite, expected to be completed and launched by 2020, will weigh about 600kg to 700kg.

February, 11th, 2016


Singapore partners Chinese association to

develop satnav tech

The partnership will include co-building a common platform for navigational satellite experts from both associations for knowledge sharing, conducting joint research projects and to identify opportunities to commercialise such projects together.