Innovation, Acceleration and Adoption

If you are wondering if space tech can solve your business problem, looking to expand your customer base, hoping to develop a pilot programme or hunting for a technology partner, SSTL’s innovation development and consulting team can find a solution for you.

Experts from diverse fields

SSTL’s experts come from diverse fields within the space and deep-tech sectors covering the breadth of technologists, scientists, analysts, government and NGO partners, global enterprises, startups and investors.

Agile teams bespoke to each challenge

SSTL curates the right expertise at the right time to create an agile team that evolves with each project phase.

What we can do for you

Intelligence & Strategy Development

We develop in-depth intelligence reports on specific segments within the space sector, and how different sectors use space technologies.

The intelligence can translated into a business strategy, shaping goals, identifying partnerships and developing the business plan for different innovation needs of our clients.

Innovation Design

We identify and work with new
technologies, create innovation
sprints, pilot projects and deliver
proof of concepts to accelerate speed to market.

Markets & Customers

Clients come to us when they are looking to enter new territories or market segments, or simply trying to expand their customer base in a familiar territory.

Our breadth of connections within and beyond the space sector means can help you find new client segments and new
applications for your technologies.

Talent Development

We help clients develop ideation and talent programme to secure
out-of-the-box, creative thinkers to future proof their organizations. We also work with companies and starts ups to identify internships.

How we have worked with our clients

Business Matching

Highly targeted and exclusive opportunities for new business contacts.

Startup Scouting

Uncovering the right startups, technologies, opportunities and trends.

Customised Innovation Events

Gather innovative ideas, build solutions with communities, government and companies.


Climate Change and Sustainability

Humanitarian Assistance Disaster Relief (HADR)

Space Life Sciences

And more...

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