Since the day Man conquered the moon, it has always been a dream to stretch that horizon and explore the realm of deep space. Regardless of race, reaching for the stars takes on a special meaning for a niche group of individuals. There is always that special, burning desire in our hearts that keeps us motivated to make that quantum leap in our lifetime.

It is not only rocket science. We need the engineers, medical practitioners, conceptualists and savvy business professionals to create a compelling, sustainable ecosystem for this industry to evolve. It is a combined effort of the very best in these fields, all working together in highly dynamic and pressured environments that eventually and consistently produce results thought unachievable.

Singapore has the hearts and minds that can propel us to strategic space hub status, leveraging our talented workforce, innovative society and entrepreneurial mindset to put Singapore in the forefront of the most exclusive fraternity on the planet, and beyond, with a group of like-minded individuals who want to make a difference for tomorrow’s world.

It is important for us to recognise the gaps we need to fill in order to put us on par with leading space industry players. SSTA will be going the extra mile to build and nurture the necessary relationships with global counterparts and other governmental and commercial entities. Only together, through strong, strategic and sustainable partnerships, can we move forward.

The continuous advent of new technologies has created a number of emerging space powers, leading the way into an era of galactic discovery. Advancing satellite technology, more diverse satellite applications, stronger satellite communication fleets, broader space agendas, space commercialisation, the return to the moon and colonizing Mars are just snapshots of what is in store for us. It is an exciting era that I would like to invite you to be part of.

Only the bold journey to the end!

Welcome aboard.

Jonathan Hung