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Space Health Symposium: Space Research & Technologies for Health

Space Health Symposium is the broader initiative of the Space Life Sciences Commercialisation & Research (SPLCR) Workshop series that were intended to delve into current Space Life Sciences research topics such as Space Genomics, Astromedicine and Microgravity Design Thinking. Organised by A*STAR Bioinformatics Institute, A*STAR Bioengineering & Bioimaging Institute, and SSTL, the Symposium will take place online as well as in-person at Sheraton Towers, and will comprise of the 3rd and 4th workshops in the Space Life Sciences Commercialisation & Research (SPLCR) series. This Symposium edition aims to explore space technologies for health and medicine in Singapore’s research communities, and spark discussions that pave the way for collaborations. Registrations have closed.

Bronze Sponsor: Yuri Gravity

Space Health Symposium Speakers

1630 – 1640 ~ Welcome Remarks by A*STAR Bioinformatics Institute, A*STAR Bioengineering & Bioimaging Institute, and Singapore Space & Technology Limited.

1640 – 1700 ~ Keynote: Space Protein Crystallisation Experiments for Health by Dr. Izumi Yoshizaki, Protein Crystal Growth Project Manager, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency.

1700 – 1745 ~ Panel: Accelerating Drug & Disease Mechanisms Discovery with Space Research — Sir Thomas Leon Blundell, Group Leader, Structural Biology, University of Cambridge; Dr. Daniela Bezdan, Chief Scientific Officer, Yuri Gravity; Dr. Mitsugu Yamada, Associate Senior Researcher, JAXA

1745 — 1820 ~ Tea Break

1820 – 1925 ~ Panel: Leveraging 3D Bioprinting & Bioengineering in Space for Terrestrial Medicine — Thomas Rohr, Head of Materials & Processes Section, European Space Agency; Joshua Chou, Senior Lecturer / Group Leader, University of Technology Sydney & CEO at EXPLOR Space Technologies; Javier Fernandez, Associate Professor, Engineering Product Development, Singapore University of Technology & Design

1925 – 1930 ~ Closing Remarks

Space Life Sciences Commercialisation & Research Workshops (SPLCR)

The Space Life Sciences Commercialisation & Research initiative (SPLCR) is a series of virtual workshops intended to deep-dive into current topics in Space Life Sciences and their broad applications on earth. 

SPLCR aims to raise awareness of the potential of Space Life Sciences for local research in Singapore’s biomedical & research community, build technical knowledge of existing resources in the Space Life Sciences domain and explore future possibilities in Space Life Sciences Experiments and international collaboration. The workshops will primarily engage the biomedical and space communities in cross-industry conversations and learning, inviting researchers and scientists from public institutions and space industry guests.

Past SPLCR Workshops

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