Although not new, discoveries in Space Life Sciences or astrobiology has long benefited people in more ways than we can imagine. However, these benefits have yet to be fully realised due to the limited access to Space. With developments in the New Space Economy, it is now cheaper, faster, and easier to access research facilities in Space. Together with the tremendous improvements in biotechnology and biology techniques, it is now an opportune time to seek to harness the unique space environment to push the limits of knowledge in life sciences.

Life Science Projects

As part of our commitment towards thought leadership, SSTL seeks to catalyse the uptake and growth of space research in the life sciences domain, helping our partners to stay ahead of the curve. SSTL aims to do this by accelerating access to space facilities and space research experts. For example, SSTL is working with NUSOBGYN on a space pregnancy project to understand the effects of the space environment on human stem cells from the umbilical cord. The team is also interested in exploring topics on the applied sciences, food sustainability, and food security, all of which stand to potentially gain from space research.

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