Seeking to inspire, excite and engage individuals from all walks of life, corporates and students about space and its applications through talks, workshops and an academy, conducted by experts.

Nano/Micro Satellite Course for Industry Professionals

Learn to build a nano satellite

Nano/Micro satellites are considered as a form of disruptive technology to the satellite industry due to its small size and capability making it relatively cheap to launch and operate. In recent years, interests on such satellites among the industry has begun to pick up, opening new business opportunities with new applications.

Singapore Space & Technology Ltd (SSTL) has put together a training programme to teach the basics of nano/micro satellites, and a hands-on experience of assembling a small satellite.


The course aims to provide general training on nano/micro satellite technologies and concepts, for industry professionals.

Phase 1

  • Provide a theoretical course on the essentials of satellite operations and systems
  • An in-depth workshop into various sub-systems operations and how it affects the overall satellite’s performance

Phase 2

  • Hands-on training on the assembly and building of a mock-up of a nanosatellite.

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Training Programmes

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Space Academy Singapore (SAS)

Founded in 2010, SAS is Asia’s premiere youth space training programme. SAS is conducted with a special focus to promote science and engineering among students, and create awareness of the space industry and how it affects our every day lives. The programme covers academic-intensive, practical and experimental modules. Space Academy Singapore is modeled after U.S. Astronaut Selection Programme.


The curriculum is designed to ensure high relevance to student/youth development, and to motivate, educate and enhance the potential of every individual who completes the course.

Space Academy Singapore

Looking for an out-of-the-world experience? 

Taught by experts in the field, the SAS curriculum helps learners understand and learn materials about space in a fun and interesting way. 

Schools who are interested in holiday programmes or individuals who would like to sign up for space camp are welcomed to make your enquiry. 

*Space camps are conducted with a minimum
class size of 30 (junior) and 20 (youth).

Space Coding Course for 15 - 25 years old

Learn how to code autonomous flying robots

Free-flying robotic systems such as NASA’s Astrobee play a huge role in an astronaut’s mission – they help offload tasks such as taking inventory, documenting and carrying out experiments, allowing them to focus on tasks that only humans can do.

Singapore Space & Technology Ltd (SSTL)’s Space Coding Course is Singapore’s premiere coding course that teaches youths how to code autonomous free-flying robots on board the International Space Station. The course will equip participants with programming skills to code autonomous robots like Astrobee in competitions such as KIBO-Robot Programming Challenge


Space Coding Course aims to enthuse and teach from different socioeconomic backgrounds the basics of Java in the context of programming free-flying robots on board a space station. It will be a platform of exposure to the possibilities of how coding can improve space missions and will position Singapore to capture future benefits in mission requirements requiring more digital skills.